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The Science Behind Our Decision-Making: Unveiling the Mysteries of Career Counselling

Ever wondered why we humans make decisions that are sometimes as bizarre as trying to put a USB in the wrong way three times? Well, strap in for a journey into the quirks of human behaviour as we uncover the mysteries of decision-making. Spoiler alert: it's not as random as a cat playing the piano.

"Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you." - John C. Maxwell

How Our Feelings Hijack Decisions

Picture this: your emotions are the backseat drivers of your decision-making car. They have a tendency to grab the wheel and veer you towards impulse purchases and questionable life choices. But hey, life without a little emotional chaos is like a sitcom without laugh tracks - kinda dull.

Link to Career Counselling: When it comes to career decisions, emotions can often cloud your judgment. It's crucial in career counselling to acknowledge these emotional influences and learn how to balance them effectively.

Link to Mental Health: Emotions play a significant role in mental health. Learning to manage and make decisions despite emotional challenges is a valuable skill for maintaining good mental health.

Taking Risks: The Extreme Sports of Decision-Making

Decisions are like extreme sports – some folks are base-jumping off cliffs, while others are cautiously walking on tightropes. Why? It's all about your life's highlight reel – past experiences and beliefs. So, whether you're skydiving or Netflix-binging, understanding risk is key.

Link to Career Counselling: Career decisions often involve risks, such as changing careers or pursuing new opportunities. Career counsellors can help individuals assess and manage these risks effectively.

Link to Mental Health: Managing risk is a critical component of mental health. Individuals with sound risk assessment skills are better equipped to navigate life's challenges and reduce anxiety.

Decision Fatigue: When Your Brain Wants a Nap

Imagine your brain as a toddler after a day at Disneyland - it's tired and cranky. That's decision fatigue for you. It's when your mental energy gets zapped by a relentless parade of choices. Time to simplify options and treat your brain to a well-deserved nap.

Link to Career Counselling: Career decisions can be overwhelming, leading to decision fatigue. Career counsellors can help clients break down complex decisions, reducing mental exhaustion.

Link to Mental Health: Decision fatigue can exacerbate stress and impact mental well-being. Learning strategies to combat decision fatigue is valuable for maintaining good mental health.

Choice Presentation: The Jedi Mind Trick of Decision-Making

Did you know that how choices are presented can Jedi mind-trick you into making certain decisions? Even tiny changes in presentation can turn you into a Sith Lord (or a Jedi, your choice). Be aware of the dark (and light) side influences, young Padawan. Lol I hope you got the star wars reference!

Link to Career Counselling: Career choices often involve negotiations, job offers, and presentations. Understanding how choices are framed can be a valuable skill in career counselling.

Link to Mental Health: Being aware of psychological influences in decision-making can enhance mental resilience and emotional well-being.

Mastering the Art of Decision-Making (Career Counselling Approach)

Improving decision-making skills is like levelling up in a video game.

Here's the cheat code:

  1. Gather Information: Become a knowledge sponge. The more info, the better.

  2. Reflect on Values: Your values are your North Star. Don't ignore them unless you want to get lost in space.

  3. Trust Your Intuition: Your gut feeling isn't always gas. Sometimes it's your inner Yoda, offering sage advice.

  4. Seek Advice: Sometimes, asking for directions isn't a sign of weakness; it's common sense.

  5. Learn from Experience: Every decision is like a respawn in a game. Learn from the past to tackle future levels.

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Kavya Pareek
Kavya Pareek
Sep 21, 2023



Cleared some part of my journey 😌😌


Drishti Sadana
Drishti Sadana
Sep 13, 2023

Beautifully explained. Thank youu


Tushar Sadana
Tushar Sadana
Sep 13, 2023

This is super, unlocking confusions I had!

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