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"Unlocking Career Fulfilment: The Love Marriage Approach"

Found the right partner but not the right Career??

Let’s understand the journey of a career with the lens of this beautiful metaphor of ‘choosing the right career can give you the same rush and satisfaction as you may get after choosing the right partner’. So, fasten your seatbelts because you’re about to unlock the secrets of a fulfilling career!

1. KNOW THYSELF: the self-reflection!

Just as in love marriage, the first step is to know yourself for finding the perfect match. Take time to reflect on your interests, strengths and weaknesses, and passion. Find your ikigai! Ask yourself what makes you skip a heartbeat? What activities could you immerse yourself in for hours? Your dream career is waiting for those answers.

Example: Sarah loves spending hours tinkering with gadgets and solving technical puzzles. She excels in mathematics and has a deep passion for understanding how things work. Through self-reflection, she realizes that her strengths and interests point toward a career in engineering or computer science.

Tip: Keep a journal of your interests and strengths. Identify patterns and recurring themes to discover what truly excites you. Consider seeking guidance from a career counsellor or taking personality assessments.

2. THE DATING PHASE: career exploration

Before saying ‘I do’ to a career, go on a few dates! Explore the menu before ordering your full meal course ahaha. Basically, go out and explore. Attend a few workshops, do some internships, and network with professionals. Look for different industries and fields you might be interested in.

Example: John, a recent college graduate, is considering careers in healthcare, finance, and marketing. To explore these options, he secures internships in each field during his summer breaks. This allows him to gain hands-on experience and assess which industry resonates with him the most.

Tip: Create a "career bucket list" of roles or industries you'd like to explore. Use internships, part-time jobs, or volunteering to gain hands-on experience.

3. COMPATIBILITY MATTERS: Align Values and Goals

In love marriages, shared values and life goals are vital. The same goes for your career. Ensure that your chosen path aligns with your values and long-term aspirations. A career that resonates with your core beliefs will lead to greater satisfaction.

Example: Emily values work-life balance and wants a career that allows her to make a positive impact on society. She discovers that a career in nonprofit management aligns perfectly with her values and long-term goal of contributing to social causes she's passionate about.

Tip: Make a list of your core values and long-term goals. Research careers that align with these values to find a meaningful match.


Sometimes, your dream career may seem distant, just like a long-distance relationship. Don't be discouraged. Work hard, gain the necessary skills, and be patient. Success may be farther away, but it's worth the journey.

Example: Michael aspires to become a data scientist, but he lacks the necessary skills. He creates a plan to acquire these skills by enrolling in online courses and attending workshops while working in an unrelated job. He understands that success in his dream career may take time.

Tip: Identify the skills and qualifications needed for your dream career. Create a roadmap to acquire them, step by step.

5. THE POWER OF ADAPTATION: Growing into Your Career

In both love and careers, adaptation is key. You may not fall in love with your career at first sight, but as you grow and evolve within it, you can develop a deep connection. Just like an arranged love marriage that blossoms over time.

Example: Lisa starts her career as a junior graphic designer, not feeling an immediate passion for it. However, as she gains experience and works on various projects, she discovers her love for digital marketing. Her adaptation within the field leads her to a more fulfilling career path.

Tip: Embrace continuous learning and personal growth. Be open to evolving within your career to stay passionate and engaged.

6. ACCEPT THE CHANGE: Career Breakups and Makeups

Life isn't static. You might outgrow your career, and that's okay. Be open to change. If it's time for a career breakup, embrace it as an opportunity to find a better match. It's like closing one chapter to write an even more exciting one.

Example: David has been a successful software engineer for years, but he's no longer excited about coding. After careful consideration, he decides to transition into a project management role, leveraging his technical expertise in a new way.

Tip: Regularly evaluate your career satisfaction. If you feel stuck or unfulfilled, consider seeking career counselling to explore new options.

7. WILL YOU MARRY ME? - Finding 'The One'.

When you discover your ideal career path, it's like a proposal from your dream partner. You feel an undeniable connection, and you can't wait to say "yes" to your career forever. This is where true career fulfilment begins.

Example: Rachel, after years of exploration, realizes her passion for environmental conservation. She decides to pursue a master's degree in environmental science and lands a job with a nonprofit dedicated to preserving natural ecosystems.

Tip: Seek guidance from mentors or career counsellors to ensure your chosen career aligns with your long-term aspirations.

8. LIFELONG COMMITMENT: Success and Fulfilment

Whether it's a love marriage or a career, the key is to find happiness, success, and fulfilment. Just like in a fairytale, you deserve a "happily ever after." Keep nurturing your career, stay passionate, and watch it flourish.

Example: Mark, a marketing manager, constantly seeks opportunities to learn and adapt to changing marketing trends. He maintains a growth mindset and regularly attends industry conferences, ensuring a successful and fulfilling career.

Tip: Cultivate a growth mindset and stay adaptable to navigate changes and challenges in your career journey.

Remember, finding your dream career is like finding your soulmate. It takes time, exploration, and sometimes even a few breakups. But when you finally say "I do" to your career, it's pure magic!

Bonus Tips:

Network: Build a professional network in your chosen field to gain insights and opportunities.

Seek Advice: Don't hesitate to consult with career counselors or coaches for guidance.

Test the Waters: Consider taking on side projects or freelancing in your desired field to gain experience.

Evaluate Lifestyle: Think about the lifestyle you want your career to support, including work-life balance and location.

Stay Informed: Keep up to date with industry trends and developments to remain competitive.

A psychometric test can always guide you in the right direction and act as a middleman to help you meet your perfect match!

Ready to unlock your career fulfilment? 🌟 Click here to explore our platform of career counselling and therapy. We're here to help you discover your career soulmate and live your own happily ever after!

Happy career hunting, future success stories! 💼🎓🌟

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