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Utilize our cutting-edge AI-powered career guidance resources and skilled career advisors to make informed and intelligent choices for your future.

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Career Counselling and Career Options

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About Us

At Psylief, we are dedicated to helping you unlock your true potential, enhance your career journey, and promote your overall well-being. Our team of experts is here to support and guide you every step of the way. Take the first step towards a fulfilling and purpose-driven life with Psylief.

Invest in yourself. Invest in your future. Join Psylief today.



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Our Dashboard is fabricated to understand you better than yourself.

Comprehensive Approach

Psylief offers a one-of-a-kind psychometric test that goes beyond traditional assessments, providing a holistic view of your strengths and potential.

Expert Career Counsellors

Our team of highly skilled and experienced career counsellors are dedicated to understanding your unique needs and ambitions.

Focus on Mental Health

Our compassionate mental health counselling services aim to equip you with the tools to overcome challenges, manage stress, and build resilience, ensuring you can thrive both personally and professionally.

Empowering Employment

Our services contribute to reducing confusion and indecision, enabling people to pursue meaningful and satisfying professions.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Psylief utilizes advanced technology and data analytics to provide accurate and insightful assessments, making our services reliable and effective in guiding your career decisions.


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Student Community



We are aspiring to become the most rapidly expanding community

Psychologist Community



We provide both Career Counselling as well as Mental Health Counselling.

How It Works?

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Our mission is to provide you with the easiest and most effective method to cater your career needs.

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To provide every user with in-depth, accurate analytics, we utilise sound mathematical models that are designed with the backing of experimental, empirical, and theoretical research in the field of psychology.

Psychometric Test and Career Counselling Result

Our extensive qualitative and quantitative measures of analysis are derived from our deep understanding of the complexity of human behaviour. Our proprietary algorithm designs, constructs and measures across tailored metrics to provide reliable and valid results across all prevalent market segments.

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Experience @ Psylief


Vibha Menon

Recent Graduate

I recently graduated and was perplexed by my three career options. Psylief career counselling was extremely beneficial to me. The test result was so detailed and accurate that it included all of the career options I was already interested in. More importantly, the one-on-one counselling helped me I understand my own characteristics and who I am as a person. The counsellor assisted me very well in strategizing and channelling my career path. 

  • Who are we? About Psylief
    Psylief Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is a health-tech and educational technology company. We want to provide students with the best career advice possible by integrating conventional approaches with artificial intelligence's superpowers. The product is built by talented Data Scientists, Engineers, and Psychologists.
  • Why to get career counseling done?
    We live in a world where the multiplicity of choices in something as mundane as food from a restaurant overwhelms us sometimes. So choosing a right career is certainly accompanied with a larger cognitive dissonance. Choices made in adolescence have a lifelong impact for all of us. If done solely by your own discretion, there is a chance that you might make the wrong call. But with proper scientific metrics, professional mentors, and personalised attention backing you, the possibility of error vanishes. And this is exactly what Career Counselling brings to the table. You get the ability to pick the career that you were born to thrive in. So instead of spending money on assets that will depreciate in value in half a year, invest in yourself and observe the exponential dividends.
  • Who needs career counseling and when?
    When it comes to deciding a career path, the simple principle is "The Sooner The Better" The adolescent years of every student serves as the foundation for the pillar that is their future. Getting started in the right direction early will give you an edge over everyone else in the corporate world. Hence the ideal age bracket to start career counselling is students between the ages of 13-17. With an early head start, every student can become a specialist amongst the crowd of generalists.
  • What exactly is the Psylief and the Dashboard?
    Psylief brings you a technologically backed up dashboard that is smart and intelligent to identify and assess the user on 36 unique features and figure out the best career options and paths for the user!
  • How is Psylief different and beneficial?
    Psylief brings you artificial intelligence, data science wrapped up into one suite and gives attention to the tiniest details of the user. You can visualise and map your assessment with help of analytical graphs and tools.

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